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Website Hosting & Maintanence

Keep your site's core software and plugins up to date with a monthly hosting plan.

Host your site with MotorClick today!

1. Locate your domain

We use our resources to locate your current hosting provider.

2. Build a site replica

We build a copy of your site on our servers and work our magic.

3. Maintain your site

Our team will monitor your site's core software and plugins for updates.

Where you host your website matters

Choosing a hosting provider can be a daunting process. After all, there are dozens of them out there. Most of them only agree to host your site on their servers, leaving all the updates and maintenance to you. And their support in times of crisis can be rather lackluster.

For only $25 a month, MotorClick¬†provides one-on-one attention for your site’s security, speed, and maintenance. You can rest easy knowing your site is protected and up-to-date, functioning at its best.

Maintain your site with MotorClick

Our Hosting Plan Includes...